As a follow on assignment for Application Development, in my second year at the University of Derby, this project is a Windows 8 Store application and website that are designed to coincide one another, which although the assignment never particularly specify to keep the same theme between either project, I took it upon myself to create a branding of a product that could be easily recognisable and work seamlessly the same. There are however some aesthetic differences but their core functionality remains the same.

The website project used a variety of HTML5 and asynchronous technologies. One heavily used feature was the jQuery and AJAX to access and display data to the user. Users can create personal profiles which are stored into a MySQL database.

The Windows 8 project involved redeveloping and improving some of the original website PHP which outputted data into XML, I was able to create an API set that my Windows 8 can request and parse information from. Depending on the requirements, some API request required more programming between PHP to MySQL and vice-versa. However, my core game data from the did not change and the application made the explicit calls to the TheGamesDB API when needed.

The application is not available on the Windows 8 store due to it not being a requirement on the assignment, however this may change due to the application only needing slight tweaks and improvements to make it pass the store requirements.


  • Technologies involved: C#, XAML and XAML binding, PHP, XML parsing and MySQL connections.
  • Profile viewing and login system.
  • Dynamic game searcher.
  • Detailed game viewer.
  • User search.
  • User registration.
  • Latest users feed.
  • Window scalability.
  • Snapped views.
  • Observable collections and binding interactions.


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Source for Website and Windows 8 Application (2MB)


  • Due to being an unpublished Windows 8 application, you cannot run it without using Visual Studio 2012 or greater.