This interactive scene was a continuation from my Direct3D 11 – Lights and Shadows demo, for the Graphics 2 University of Derby module. Overall it has had around 4 months of development. The assignment’s brief was to develop an interactive scene and we can interpret the meaning of interactivity in any shape or form. I decided to go with collision within a game environment and decided to replicate popular game mechanics, as best as I could within the time frame I had available. This left me to also design and model a custom 3D scene that could demonstrate all of the mechanics.

The final outcome was a fully movable third person game that includes the ability to double jump, collide and interact with many different things within the environment. This was developed entirely in C++ and also makes use of the DirectInput API.


  • Extended and improved my Direct3D 11 – Lights and Shadows rendering engine.
  • Full third person movement and double jumping (both velocity based) w/ a 3D character via mouse and keyboard.
  • AABB collisions detection – Collided, intersection, above and below.
  • Dynamic and static environment objects.
  • Complete Player and dynamic objects collision systems and gravity.
  • Complete Pickup-able objects and movement system.
  • Object interactions.
  • Object distance culling.
  • Linear fog in-game tweaking.
  • Opacity maps and transparency support.
  • Axis aligned billboards.
  • Level design.
  • Has backwards compatibility with Direct3D 10 and 9 hardware


Source Repo



Executable and Source (10MB)


  • You will need DirectX SDK June ’10 and Visual Studio 2010 or greater to run the solution.
  • External 3D models were resourced from: The Free 3D Models.
  • Jack Kemp was responsible for the linear fog, menu systems, level design and testing.