Developed in a 48 hour Game Jam held by my University, Angry Caveman Zone was the result of the team work from me, Jack and Christian. The theme for the Game Jam was to use a random name generator. The game came fourth overall during the event after a people’s choice award vote.

Features Contribution

  • The game’s basic architecture.
  • A simple cut-scene mechanic – credits, game over, splash screen, etc…
  • Menu and pause system.
  • Wave and enemy spawning mechanics.
  • The game’s heads-up display and life bar per enemy.
  • Parallaxing backgrounds and background movement based on the character’s movement speed.
  • Very basic fighting mechanics w/ other team members tweaking and enhancing it.
  • Contributed towards player movement mechanics.
  • We all contributed towards bug fixing.


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Full Source Code w/ Assets – 12.7MB


  • You will need to use the XNA Game Studio, preferably with Visual Studio 2010 to view the source code and to run the game.
  • All art that is used in the game is either free to use art or art that is for personal use only. The parallaxing background and grass was made by a CGMA student who was doing free freelance work  for any team that did not have an artist, during the event.
  • The game’s sounds and soundtrack are original and made by a friend of Christian and Jack – They are studying a degree in sound and music.
  • Jack’s Portfolio: