Developed in 8 weeks as a part of a final year module, called Game Behaviour, while at the University of Derby, this game was to demonstrate my ability of implementing physics and artificial intelligence as the core focus of the game. Air Combat was developed in UE4 using version 4.6 and is completely coded in Unreal C++.  The game’s aim is to fly a world war 2 era styled plane and to fight the opposing team, in a traditional dog fight style, with the last team standing as the victors.


  • Full self-developed artificial intelligence for the plane pilots w/ personalities – including take-off and dog fight.
  • There a three personalities that a pilot may be given – defensive, aggressive and neutral.
  • Full self-developed arcade flight physics.
  • Full game, quick play and spectator modes.
  • The spectator mode allows the user to take control of the spectating pilot.
  • 4 v 4 – Green versus Blue.
  • Main menu and pause option.
  • Controller support.
  • Movable plane parts – propeller, wing/tail flaps and landing gear.
  • Physics are based on the angle of the wing/tail flaps.
  • Health pickups.


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Executable and Source (1.02GB)