As a part of my degree at the University of Derby, I had to participate in writing a dissertation. Under the mentoring of Dr. Minsi Chen, I wrote up a paper titled ‘Geometry Based VPL Indirect Lighting using Forward+‘, which takes the idea of using geometry and mesh approximations through CPU  approximation calculations to create indirect lighting using the virtual point lights instant radiosity method and the optimised lighting pipeline forward+, instead of the more traditional rendering from a light’s view, in an attempt at improving the performance of creating global illumination.

Alongside the write up, I developed a project that demonstrates the theory, tests the potential that this technique has and provides qualitative and quantitative data that was analysed within the dissertation. The dissertation concluded to be a success with the projected idea, however it was also concluded that the technique needs to be improved and optimised to be viable for commercial usages.


  • Global illumination via adjustable geometry approximated generated VPLs.
  • Multiple scene loader using XML (Sponza and Cornell’s Box).
  • OpenGL 4.4.
  • Forward+ rendering based on AMD’s implementation.
  • Multi-threaded resource loading.
  • SFML as the framework.
  • TGUI used as a user interface.
  • 360 degree camera movement.
  • Screenshot feature.
  • In-depth frame and system statistics.
  • Easily achieves above 60FPS on modern hardware.
  • Basic C++ scripting system.


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