GorillaWarfarePortfolioGorilla Warfare combines a concoction of genres that makes the game unique, fun and also very addictive to play. The game itself is entirely random, no playthrough will ever be same and each experience will be different. By using a randomly generated open world, dungeons and enemies, Gorilla Warfare has the classic arcade pick-up and play feel with the much needed competitiveness of trying to beat the global highscores.

The game was designed for a team project module, during a 12 week period, while at the University of Derby which received a first. This game demonstrates my personal ability in working with other programmers on a moderately scaled project. The team originally consisted of 7 programmers, however 2 decided to leave Univesity, while the other contributed zero to the project, effectively leaving me and 3 other programmers to develop the game. The team members’ web links will be at the bottom of this page.

Personal Contribution

  • Joint Team Leader (after the original leader left University).
  • Randomly generated open world.
  • Highscores submit and loader (includes the programming of the Database to PHP to XML).
  • Day/Night cycle.
  • Weapon animation.
  • Enemy spawner.
  • Game introduction and credits.
  • Bug fixes and game optimisations.
  • Pause menu (support).
  • Upgrades menu (support).
  • Enemy AI (support).
  • Main character (support).
  • Other minor/trivial development (support).

Unity Webplayer

Gorilla Warfare – Unity Webplayer


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Team Members

  • Rob Watling
  • David Smith
  • Joel Page


  • You will need to download and install the Unity webplayer to play the game.
  • All sounds/music used for the game are credited via the in-game credits.
  • All of the 3D art was made by the team, no external artists were used hence the poor quality programmer art, however it gives the game some quirkiness.